Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye started operating a central oil gathering plant at the Pestsovoye field in December 2021. Image courtesy of Gazprom Neft PJSC.
The Pestsovoye and En-Yakhinskoye oil and gas condensate fields are located in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia. Image courtesy of Gazprom Neft PJSC.
The Pestsovoye and En-Yakhinskoye fields are expected to produce 2.8 million tonnes (Mt) of liquid hydrocarbons in 2022. Image courtesy of Gazprom Neft PJSC.

The Pestsovoye and En-Yakhinskoye oil and gas condensate fields, located onshore in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug of Russia, are being redeveloped with new production infrastructure.

Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, currently operates both the fields. It is developing the oil-rim deposits at Pestsovoye and En-Yakhinskoye fields under long-term risk-based operatorship agreements signed with Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy, the licence holder of the fields, in 2019.

A pilot project to produce oil, gas and condensate from thin oil rims at both the fields was undertaken between 2017 and 2019.

Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye commissioned a central crude gathering and processing facility for the two fields in December 2021.

Location, discovery and reserves

The Pestsovoye and En-Yakhinskoye onshore fields are located in the Nadym-Pur-Taz region in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Western Siberia, Russia.

Pestsovoye lies in the Nadymsky district, while En-Yakhinskoye is situated in the Purovsky district.

The Pestsovoye field was discovered in 1974 and brought on stream in 2004. It was estimated to hold 64 million tonnes (Mt) of oil, 49 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas, and 18Mt of condensate at the start of production.

Discovered in 1976, the En-Yakhinskoye field started production in 1985. The initial geological reserves of the field were estimated to be 101Mt of oil, 222bcm of gas, 68Mt of condensate.

Production from Pestsovoye and En-Yakhinskoye oil rims

The drilling and commissioning of new horizontal wells by Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye enabled 100,000t of oil production from the narrow oil-rim deposits at the Pestsovoye and En-Yakhinskoye fields by  October 2019.

With the commissioning of new production infrastructure, the fields are expected to produce 2.8Mt of liquid hydrocarbons and 4.3bcm of gas in 2022.

Pestsovoye and En-Yakhinskoye fields development details

The development of oil-rim deposits at Pestsovoye and En-Yakhinskoye fields calls for modern horizontal drilling of multilateral production wells.

As many as 18 En-Yakhinskoye wells were reactivated between 2017 and 2020, while four new multilateral production wells were planned to be drilled by 2022. The Pestsovoye field has been developed with as many as 29 oil production wells.

Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye started operating mobile modular oil treatment units along with an oil-gathering pipeline system at the En-Yakhinskoye and Pestsovoye fields in September 2020.

A central oil gathering plant housing an oil treatment unit, a tank farm, and metering units was commissioned at the Pestsovoye field in December 2021. The plant serves both the fields.

Oil from the Pestsovoye production centre is transported through a pipeline connecting the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline system, which exports Russian crude from Siberia to the Asian Pacific markets of Japan, China and Korea.

The new production centre will also house a compressor station, a gas treatment plant and a gas-fired power plant. A gas transport pipeline from the En-Yakhinskoye field was commissioned in the third quarter of 2021.

Contractors involved

Russia-based drilling contractors NaftaGaz and PNG Drilling Company were engaged to drill the new production wells of the Pestsovoye field.

NaftaGaz drilled 31 gas wells, including 27 horizontal wells, at the Pestsovoye field between August 2020 and December 2021.

PNG Drilling Company drilled oil production wells at the field deploying its advanced mobile drilling rig Viking 6000 WEI D340-32.