The Nueva Tineo-Nueva Ancud transmission project is a 95km-long, high-voltage power transmission line to be developed in the Los Lagos region of Chile.

Chilean transmission system operator Transmisora del Pacífico, a part of Transelec Group, is undertaking the project under a contract awarded by the Ministry of Energy of Chile in 2019.

The project is a part of the expansion plan of the national transmission system mandated by the Ministry of Energy to provide electrical system with greater security and continuous service in southern Chile.

Estimated to cost approximately £83.21m ($107m), the Nueva Tineo-Nueva Ancud transmission line will connect the Nueva Puerto Montt substation (Tineo) with a proposed new substation at Ancud.

While the environmental impact study (EIA) was accepted by Servicio de Evaluación Ambiental (SEIA) of Chile in September 2020, the construction works are expected to be started by November 2021 with commissioning scheduled for February 2024.

NuevaTineo-Nueva Ancud route

The Nueva Tineo-Nueva Ancud power transmission line will originate at the Nueva Puerto Montt substation (Tineo) and terminate at the planned Ancud 220kV Panel Switch substation.

The power line will include a 69.9km stretch between the Nueva Puerto Montt substation to the north bank of Chacao Channel bridge. It will then pass through 4.62km of aerial crossing above the Chacao Channel and travel 21.42km to terminate at the Nueva Ancud substation.

The power line will cover six communes namely, Ancud, Maullin, Calbuco, Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, and Llanquihue, in the provinces of Llanquihue and Chiloé.

Nueva Tineo-Nueva Ancud power transmission project design

The Nueva Tineo-Nueva Ancud project will include the construction of a 95.94km-long, double-circuit transmission line, which will feature 251 high voltage towers with an average 50m-wide easement strip.

The tower structure will vary depending on the terrain and traction of the transmission line. The metal structures will be made of galvanised steel and they will use earth-mesh grounding system to reduce step voltages.

The transmission line will have two circuits each with a capacity of 1,500MVA design for 500kV power transmission. It will be initially energised to 220kV.

The components to be used in the project include aluminum alloy conductors, insulators, optical ground wire (OPGW) cable, gas insulated substation (GIS) equipment consisting of switches, disconnectors, current transformers.


The existing Tineo substation consists of one 220kV switchyard with air insulated bars and hybrid GIS equipment.

The Nueva Ancud sectioning substation will involve the construction of one 200kV switchyard. The substation will be constructed with a breaker-and-a-half configuration comprising two main buses designed with air insulated (AIS) technology.

The 220kV switchyard will consist of two diagonals to allow the connection of the section of 1x220kV Melipulli- Chiloé line.

The project transmission line will merge into 220kV switchyard for connection of two 500kV circuits which will be initially operating at 220kV.

Contractors engaged

Abengoa was contracted by Transmisora del Pacífico for the execution of the Nueva Tineo-Nueva Ancud power transmission line project in November 2020.

The scope also includes the expansion of the existing Nueva Puerto Montt substation (Tineo) along with the civil works for aerial crossing above the Chacao Channel.

Gestión Ambiental Consultant was engaged for the preparation of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) study report of the Nueva Tineo-Nueva Ancud transmission system in August 2020.