The Nhon Tranch combined cycle power plant (CCPP) is spread across the banks of Song Dong Tranh and Long Tau rivers in Dong Nai province approximately 70km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The gas-fired power plant currently has an aggregate installed capacity of 1.2GW generated by two units, Nhon Tranch 1 and Nhon Tranch 2, with a capacity of 450MW and 750MW respectively. The power plant is fully owned and operated PetroVietnam (PVN) through its subsidiaries.

Two more units, Nhon Tranch 3 and Nhon Tranch 4, are proposed to be developed at the plant site with an installed capacity of 750MW each, increasing the overall capacity to 2.7GW.

The two units were originally planned to be developed by PetroVietnam but PetroVietnam Power Corporation (PV Power) has taken over the development. The units will supplement the power and gas demands of southeast Vietnam, which is an important economic region for the country.

The project is undergoing a feasibility study and construction is expected to commence in 2020. The new units are expected to come online by 2022 and 2023, respectively.

Nhon Tranch power plant location and site details

The power plant site is based in the OngKeo Industrial zone (IZ) starts near the confluence of the Song Dong Tranh and Long Tau rivers.

The first unit is situated to the left of Long Tau riverbank, while the second unit lies adjacent in an area of 30.9ha. An additional 14.36ha is dedicated as a working area, closer to the banks of Song Dong Tranh.

Nhon Tranch combined cycle power plant make-up

Nhon Tranch 1 and Nhon Tranch 2 were developed between 2006 and 2010 during a period of power deficiency faced by Vietnam. The two units are designed as combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) facilities.

Nhon Tranch 1 came online in August 2009 and is equipped with two GT13E2 gas turbines capable of running on fuel gas and fuel oil, two heat-recovery steam generators (HRSGs), one COMAX steam turbine, and three air-cooled TOPAIR turbo generators.

Nhon Tranch 2 was commissioned in October 2011 and is equipped with two SGT5-4000F gas turbines, two HRSGs, an SST5-5000 steam turbine, and other electrical and instrumentation equipment.

Nhon Tranch power plant expansion details

The proposed Nhon Tranch 3 and Nhon Tranch 4 power plants will be developed in an area of 34ha opposite to the first two units towards the bank of Long Tau. The Nhon Trach 3 power plant will occupy an area of 16.6ha, while Nhon Tranch 4 will be developed in an area of 17.4ha.

The two units will be equipped with two highly efficient F-generation combined cycle gas turbines, two HRSGs and a steam turbine along with auxiliary equipment.

Fuel supply

Nhon Tranch 3 and Nhon Tranch 4 will use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as the main fuel. The LNG will be procured from PetroVietnam Gas Corporation’s Thi Vai storage terminal, under an agreement signed in January 2019.

Financing details for expansion project

The total investment in the development of the two units is estimated to be £1.05bn ($1.46bn).

PV Power will spend £330.9m ($434.35m) of its equity for the expansion, while the remaining investment will be financed through loans.

Contractors involved

The engineering and construction contract for  Nhon Tranch 1 was awarded to Construction Corporation No.1 Joint Stock Company (CC1).

PetroVietnam Construction and Lilama Corporation teamed up for the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of Nhon Tranch 2. Lilama was also involved in the construction of Nhon Tranch 1. Aurecon provided design and project management services during plant development.

Alstom delivered the power generation equipment for Nhon Tranch 1 power plant, while Siemens supplied the equipment for Nhon Tranch 2 power plant. Nexans was subcontracted by Siemens to supply power and control cables.

Pöyry Energy in consortium with Power Engineering Consulting Company No. 2 performed soil investigation, technical evaluation of EPC proposals and review of design of suppliers and contractors for Nhon Tranch 2 power plant.

PetroVietnam Engineering performed the detailed design for Nhon Tranch 2 power plant.

Power Engineering Consulting JSC 2 performed the feasibility study for the expansion project.

Project Professional Group and NgocMinh Technology are some of the other contractors involved in the project.