Shanghai Electric Power Company (SEPC) is developing the 1.2GW Minhang gas-fired combined cycle power project. Image courtesy of Shanghai Electric Power Construction Company.
The Minhang gas fired combined cycle power project is located in the Shanghai Municipality in China. Image courtesy of Shanghai Electric Power Company.
Ansaldo Energia is supplying the H class GT36 gas turbine for the Minhang combined cycle power project. Image courtesy of Ansaldo Energia.

The Minhang power project is a 1.2GW gas-fired combined-cycle power plant under construction in the Shanghai Municipality of China.

It is an innovative project demonstrating the combined use of an F-class gas turbine and the world’s first GT36-S5 H-class heavy-duty gas turbine jointly manufactured by Shanghai Electric Company and Ansaldo.

The demonstration project is being developed by Shanghai Electric Power Company (SEPC), a subsidiary of State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), with an estimated investment of approximately £410m ($537.43m).

The construction works on the project were started in December 2019, with the F-class turbine slated to be put into operation by August 2021, while the H-class turbine is scheduled for commissioning by February 2022.

Location and site details

The Minhang gas-fired combined-cycle power project is located in the Minhang Industrial Zone in the Minhang district, in the south-western suburb of the Shanghai municipality in China.

The project site lies in the premises of the old Minhang coal-fired power plant.

Minhang combined-cycle power plant make-up

The Minhang gas-fired combined-cycle project will comprise an F-class combined-cycle unit of 468MW capacity and a 745MW H-class combined-cycle unit. Each unit, operating at 50Hz frequency, will feature a 1x1x1 double shaft configuration with two generators driven by a gas turbine and a steam turbine. The combined output of both the units of the plant is expected to be 1.2GW.

Each unit will also be equipped with a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) along with other related equipment.

The electrical component in the project includes 64 6kV high voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear, automatic voltage control (AVC) system, battery packs, DC system, 220kV power cable and accessories, and three transformer units.

The other mechanical equipment and systems for the project also include steam traps, globe, and shut-off valves, condensate pumps, a hydraulic system supporting water pumps, firefighting water pump, and associated facilities, a raw water pre-treatment system, steel gates, trash racks, and strainers, a hydrogen supply system, 166 sets of pipe supports and hangers, multiple air conditioning and split air conditioning units, along with direct evaporative air conditioning units.

Construction equipment

The major construction equipment for the Minhang power project includes a 450 tonne (t), a 400t, and a 100t crawler crane for lifting and installation operations.

The project also utilises a 50t crawler crane, and a 50t truck crane for coordinated lifting operations.

Power evacuation

The electricity generated from the Minhang combined cycle power plant will be evacuated into the grid through a 220kV power transmission line.

Contractors involved

Shanghai Electric Power Construction Company is responsible for the construction and installation activities of the Minhang project.

Ansaldo Energia signed a contract worth £52.65m ($68.31m) with Shanghai Electric Power Company for the supply of H-class gas turbines in November 2018.

Flenco has been subcontracted by Ansaldo Energia for the supply of auxiliary systems in the project.

Shanghai Electric Power Repair Engineering Company, a subsidiary of Shanghai Equipment Company, won the bid for the security system of the power project in February 2021.

East China Electric Power Design Institute (ECEPDI) was engaged in the design and engineering of the gas-fired power project, while Shandong Chengxin Engineering Construction Supervision Company has been engaged for the supervision and construction monitoring services.

Minhang power project background

The Minhang combined-cycle power project is being developed at the site of the pre-existing Minhang coal-fired power plant that was built in 1958 but was shut down due to environmental protection requirements in 2007.

The gas-fired Minhang combined-cycle power project was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission in July 2017.