Siemens is the turbine supplier for the Maysān gas-fired combined-cycle power project. Image courtesy of Siemens.
CITIC Construction Company is the EPC contractor of the 840MW Maysān combined-cycle power generation facility. Image courtesy of CITIC Construction Company.
Bertling was contracted for the shipment of turbines and generators for the project. Image courtesy of Bertling.

The Maysān power project is an 840MW gas-fired, combined-cycle power generation facility under construction in the Maysān Governate of Iraq.

It is being jointly developed by Maisan Power Company, a subsidiary of Raban Al Safina Group, and CITIC Construction Company with an estimated investment of approximately £1.6bn ($2bn).

While the construction works on the project were started in June 2019, the gas turbines were hoisted and installed during September and December 2020.

The project is expected to commence operations by March 2021 and achieve full capacity by early 2022.

Once fully functional, the Maysān combined-cycle power plant is expected to supply enough electricity to power approximately three million Iraqi households and businesses.


The Maysān combined-cycle power project is located approximately 20km southeast of Amara, in the Maysān Governate, in southern Iraq.

Maysān combined-cycle power plant make-up

The Maysān combined-cycle power plant will be equipped with two SGT5-4000F gas turbines, one SST5-4000 I-L steam turbine, and three SGen5-2000H generators from Siemens.

The facility will also feature SPPA-T3000 automation and control systems, transformers, associated electrical equipment, and the fuel gas system, along with waste heat recovery boiler equipment.

The gas turbines come with 15-stage axial flow compressor, and four-stage, air-cooled annular combustion system designed to operate at an exhaust temperature of 599ºC. The design incorporates the hydraulic clearance optimisation (HCO) technology to reduce clearance loss and increase gas turbine efficiency.

Designed to operate at a frequency of 50Hz, both the gas and steam turbines will have a speed of 3,000rpm.The gas turbines will have an efficiency of 58% in combined-cycle operations. The rated output of the gas and steam turbines will be 329MW each.

The other components of the power station will includes the fuel gas supply system with inlet filter, pressure regulating line, gas measurement and ignition gas system, heat exchangers, integrated water tanks, and bypass stacks.

Project funding

The Maysān combined-cycle power project is being funded by CITIC Construction Company, under a deferred payment agreement (DPA) through banks.

The lenders for the project include the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the Export-Import Bank of China, and the China Minsheng Banking Corporation.

Contractors involved

Siemens was awarded a contract worth approximately £251m ($314m) by Maisan Power Company and CITIC Construction Company for the supply and installation of the turbines and generators of the power plant in July 2019. The scope of the contract also involves a 17-year service agreement.

Bertling was contracted for the shipment of gas and steam turbines along with the generators to the Maysān power project site in January 2020.

CITIC Construction Company is responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the Maysān combined-cycle power project.

Changsha Wanyang Electromechanical Technology was contracted for the amplification and calling system equipment in 2020.

Vorwek-EEE was awarded a subcontract worth £3.58m ($4.49m) by Siemens for the supply and installation of the fuel gas supply system.

Milbank was engaged in July 2019 to provide financial advisory services on the credit loan facility for the Maysān gas-fired power project.

Northwest Power Construction Company was contracted for the EPC management services in June 2019,

Hangzhou Boiler Group signed a contract with CITIC Construction Company for the supply of waste heat boiler equipment in May 2019.

Tianjin Power Construction won the contract for the civil construction works for the Maysān power project in February 2019.

Zhejiang Research Institute of Energy China was engaged for the design of the combined-cycle facility.