The Goyder South Stage 1 wind power project is a 412MW onshore wind farm being developed in the Mid North region of South Australia.

Neoen Australia, a subsidiary of French renewable energy producer Neoen, is building the wind farm in stage one development of the Goyder South renewable energy facility, which will  include 1.2GW of wind power, 600MW of solar power and 900MW of battery storage capacity.

Goyder South and Goyder North are the two hybrid renewable energy facilities planned as part of Neoen’s flagship Goyder Renewables Zone project in South Australia.

The South Australian Government granted planning approval for the Goyder South energy facility in March 2021. Neoen officially launched the Goyder Renewables Zone project by issuing a notice to proceed with the construction of the 412MW wind farm in December 2021.

While preliminary works have been underway, the main construction of the wind farm is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2022, with commissioning expected  in 2024.

The future stages of the Goyder South project are expected to be realised upon the commissioning of the Project EnergyConnect, which involves the construction of a 330kV interconnector between South Australia and New South Wales (NSW).

Location and site details

The Goyder South Stage 1 wind farm  is being developed on a site close to ElectraNet’s Robertstown electrical substation located south of Burra in the Mid North region of South Australia.

Goyder South Stage 1 wind farm make-up

The 412MW wind farm will be installed with 75 Cypress 5.5-158 onshore wind turbines from General Electric (GE).

With a 158m-diameter rotor, each turbine will have a rated power output of 5.5MW. The cut-in wind speed of the turbines will be 3m/s.

GE’s Cypress onshore wind turbine platform incorporates two-piece blade design to reduce logistics costs by allowing blade assembly onsite.

Power evacuation

The electricity generated by the Goyder South Stage 1 wind farm will be fed into the South Australia grid through a new transmission line connecting ElectraNet’s existing 330kV substation at Robertstown.

Power purchase agreement

The Government of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) signed a 14-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Neoen to offtake 100MW of electricity from the Goyder South wind farm in September 2020.

Contractors involved in the Goyder South Stage 1 wind project

GE Renewable Energy, in a consortium with Spanish engineering and construction company Elecnor, is responsible to deliver the Goyder South Stage 1 wind farm, under a turnkey construction contract.

GE Renewable Energy is responsible to manufacture, supply, install and commission the turbines of the onshore wind farm.

EBS Ecology was contracted to undertake the ecological assessment of the project.

Goyder Renewables Zone project details

The Goyder Renewables Zone is planned to be developed in five stages, with Goyder South involving three stages and Goyder North involving two stages.

Each stage will include 400MW of wind power, 200MW of solar power and 300MW/600MWh of battery storage capacity.

Goyder Renewables Zone will be the biggest hybrid renewable energy project in Australia. Three new substations will be constructed as part of the project.