The Third Bureau of Hydropower is constructing the upper reservoir of the Fukong pumped storage power station. Image courtesy of Chen Jun.
The Fukong pumped storage power station is under construction in the Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang, China. Image courtesy of Government of China.
The Fukong pumped storage power station will comprise four 300MW units. Image courtesy of Government of China.

The Fukang pumped-storage power project under construction in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China will comprise four generating units for a total capacity of 1.2GW.

State Grid Xinyuan Company, a subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), is building the hydroelectric facility with an estimated investment of £949m ($1.2bn).

While the pumped-storage project was approved in May 2016 by the Development and Reform Commission of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, the construction works on the project were officially started in December 2016.

The first unit of the Fukang pumped-storage hydroelectric power facility is expected to come online by 2024.

After achieving full capacity, the pumped storage power station is expected to generate 2.41 billion kWh of electricity annually.

Locations and site details

The Fukang pumped-storage power project is located in the Fukang Industrial park, in the Changi Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, China.

The project site lies at the bottom edge of the Tianshan Mountain, adjacent to the Tianchi Scenic Area.

Fukang pumped-storage facility make-up

The Fukang pumped storage hydroelectric facility will comprise an underground powerhouse, upper and lower reservoirs connected through a water delivery system, and a ground switch station.

The powerhouse will be equipped with four 300MW single stage, vertical shaft, mixed-flow, reversible pump-turbine units for a total rated power output of 1.2GW.

The power station will operate at a maximum water head of 524m and a minimum water head of 442m.

Reservoir and dam details

The Fukang power station will utilise an upper and a lower reservoir dam on the Baiyang River in the Kazakh Ethnic Township of Shanghugou.

While the upper reservoir requires an excavation of 8.54 million cubic metres (mcm), the total excavation required for lower reservoir is about 5.44mcm.

The upper reservoir will have an estimated storage capacity of 7 million cubic metres (mcm) and the dam Shangku will be constructed at an elevation of 2,219m above the sea level.

The project also involves two diversion tunnels measuring 1,720m and 1,690m-long.

Power evacuation

The electricity generated by the Fukang pumped storage power station will be evacuated to the Xinjiang power grid through a 220kV transmission line.

Contractors involved

Northwest Research Institute of Power China was engaged for the design and engineering of the pumped storage station.

Northwest Institute Power Construction, Third Bureau of Hydropower, and 15th Hydropower Bureau signed a general  engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) contract with State Grid Xinyuan Company for the Fukang pumped-storage power project in October 2016.

Third Hydropower Bureau was engaged for the manufacturing and installation of steel pipes, as well as for the construction of upper reservoir, water delivery system, step-up substation, and underground powerhouse.

15th Hydropower Bureau has been engaged for the construction work of lower reservoir, diversion tunnel, connection roads and sand-gravel aggregate system.

Fukang pumped-storage power project background

The pre-feasibility study report of the Fukang pumped-storage power project was approved in August 2012.

Fukang will be the first pumped-storage power station in the Changi Prefecture of Xinjiang region. It intends to improve the power supply structure of Xinjiang’s power grid.

Once operational, the pumped storage facility is expected to offset up to 165,000t of coal consumption, and approximately 1,800t of SO2 and 496,000t of CO2 emissions a year.