Fryslan wind farm will be equipped with 89 SWT-DD-130 turbines from Siemens Gamesa. Image courtesy of Van Oord.
The 25km transmission line contract for the Fryslan wind farm was awarded to Visser & Smit Hanab in July 2018. Image courtesy of Windpark Fryslan.

Fryslan wind farm is a 380MW near-shore wind project being developed by Windpark Fryslan, in the Frisian part of Ijsselmeer Lake near Breezanddijk, Netherlands.

The ‎€500m ($588m) project is jointly owned by Windpark Fryslan (75.5%) and Provincje Fryslan (24.5%).

Key contracts for the Fryslan wind farm were awarded after receiving consent authorisation from the Dutch Council of State in June 2018.

Construction is scheduled to start in 2019, with commissioning scheduled for 2021.

The project is expected to generate 1,184GWh of clean electricity a year, which will be enough to power approximately 340,000 Dutch households, over 20 years of its estimated life.

Fryslan wind farm make-up

Spread over a 35km² area 6.5km away from the Frisian coast, the Fryslan wind farm will be equipped with 89 SWT-DD-130 turbines from Siemens Gamesa.

The turbines, with 109m hub height and 174m blade tip height, will be mounted on monopile foundations in water depths ranging from 3m to 6m, at an approximate distance of 660m from each other.

With 130m diameter rotor and 63m-long blades, each three-bladed direct drive turbine will have a swept area of 13,273m².

The turbines are designed to operate at 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies, and have cut-in speed from 3m/s to 5m/s and cut-out speed from 11m/s to 12m/s. The rated capacity of the turbines is 4.3MW.

The turbines will be interconnected by approximately 70km of interarray cables. The wind farm will be connected to a new onshore substation at Breezanddijk on the artificial island of Breezand.

Electricity transmission from Fryslan wind farm

The electricity generated by the Fryslan wind farm will be transmitted through a 15km-long 110kV export cable connecting the onshore substation at Breezanddijk, from where it will be further transmitted via a 10km-long 110kV double-circuit transmission line to Bolsward for connection to TenneT’s Frisian high-voltage grid.

Contractors involved with Fryslan wind project

Ventolines is responsible for the overall development and project management for the Fryslan wind farm.

A consortium of Van Oord and Siemens Gamesa was selected as the construction contractor for the project in August 2018.

Siemens Gamesa will be responsible for the design, fabrication, supply and commissioning of all 89 SWT DD 130 turbines as well as the onshore substation for the wind farm. The scope of the contract also includes a 16-year service agreement for the turbines.

Van Oord will be the Balance of Plant contractor for the project and will be responsible for the design, fabrication and installation of foundations and cables, as well as supply of equipment required for installing the wind turbines.

Visser & Smit Hanab was awarded a contract worth €30m ($35m) for the 25km-long double-circuit transmission line to connect the wind farm with TenneT’s Frisian high-voltage grid, in July 2018.