Forouzan is an Iranian offshore oil field located approximately 100km south-west of the Kharg Island. Image courtesy of Iran International General Contractor Company.
The Forouzan field is being expanded to double its crude production capacity to 80,000bopd. Image courtesy of Iran International General Contractor Company.
The Forouzan oil field is operated by Iranian Offshore Oil Company. Image courtesy of Iran International General Contractor Company.

Forouzan oil field, also known as Foroozan oil field, is located in the Persian Gulf, approximately 100km south-west of Kharg Island, Iran.

Owned by National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and operated by its subsidiary Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC), the Forouzan oil field was discovered in 1966 and has an estimated recoverable reserves of 2.3 billion barrels.

The offshore oil field commenced operations with an initial production capacity of 100,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd) in 1987. Its output, however, declined to 40,000bopd in 2000.

IOOC has been carrying out a number of renovation and redevelopment works, including the installation of new offshore platforms, to double the field’s crude output to 80,000bopd, as well as to increase its gas and condensate production capacity.

Location and reservoir details

Forouzan oil field lies along the border of Iran and Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian portion of the field is known as the Marjan Field, which is being expanded by Saudi Aramco.

More than 80% of the hydrocarbon reserves of the field lie in the Saudi Arabian waters.

Forouzan oil field development details

The Forouzan oil field was originally developed with 66 wells, two production platforms, one processing unit, 12 wellhead platforms, three separators, one desalting tower, and two living quarter platforms, namely FX and FY.

The two-storey FX living quarter accommodates 21 people and also houses a control room, restaurant, and a theatre, while the FY living quarter is a three-storey platform for accommodating 42 people.

The hydrocarbons produced at the field are separated into crude oil, associated gas, and water. The crude oil is exported to onshore Kharg Island oil terminal via a 100km-long, single-line, 20-in diameter subsea pipeline.

The produced water is released back into the sea, while approximately 189 million cubic feet per day (Mcfd) of associated gas was being initially flared the Forouzan platform.

Forouzan oil field renovation details

The Forouzan field was redeveloped with 24 new production wells as well as two offshore platforms, including the FZ-A processing platform and the FY-A living quarters platforms, by 2015.

A 102km-long and 24in-diameter pipeline was also laid to transfer up to 258Mcfd of associated gas from the field to the LNG complex in Kharg Island.

Further, 52.1km of in-field and gas lift pipelines, along with a 17.2km-long cable, were laid as part of the redevelopment project.

Details of the latest expansion at Forouzan oil field

Two new platforms, including the F18 wellhead platform and the FY-B living quarters platform, have been installed at the field.

The 1,800t jacket for the F18 platform and the 1,025t jacket for FY-B were installed in 2017, while the 940t deck for the F18 platform was installed in June 2019.

The 870t topside, 475t link structure, and 49t access brigde for the FY-B platform were also installed in 2019.

The F18 platform installed at the water depth of 48.7m, approximately 2.1km away from the existing FX platform, will facilitate the drilling of seven new production wells at the field.


Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum signed a buy-back contract worth $585m with PetroIran Development Company (PEDCO), a subsidiary of NIOC, for the development of Forouzan and Esfandiar oil fields in May 2002.

Contractors involved

Iran International General Contractor Company (IGCC) was contracted for providing engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of the F18 platform in 2012.

Darya Fan Qeshm Industries Company (SADAF) provided loadout, transportation, installation, as well as co-ordination and management services for the F18 and FY-B platforms.

Other contractors engaged in the Forouzan field renovation project included Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC), Nardis-Arpa Group, Kito Enterprises, Tasdid Offshore Development, Dana Energy, Delta Offshore Group, and InCoPars.