GE is supplying four HA air-cooled gas turbines for the DaTan combined-cycle power plant expansion. Image courtesy of GE Power.
Taiwan Power Company (TCP) owns and operates the DaTan power plant. No credits required.

The DaTan combined-cycle power plant, also referred to as Dah-Tarn power plant or Ta-Tan power plant, is a gas-fired power plant located in Guanyin District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan. It is Taiwan’s biggest gas-fired power plant and currently has an installed capacity of 4,384MW.

An expansion of the DaTan combined-cycle power plant was announced in February 2019 that will include the construction of two new units 8 and 9, which will be together capable of generating more than 2GW of electricity.

Taiwan Power Company (TPC) is the project developer and owner.

A refurbishment project is also in progress at the plant to improve the plant’s efficiency by replacing some of the combustors and refurbishing the turbines.

DaTan combined-cycle power plant make-up and refurbishment details

The DaTan thermal power station has been operational since 2005 and comprises six power generating units.

TPC awarded a contract to MHI, in 2003, for the 4.2GW Dah-Tarn GTCC power generation facility. In 2006, MHI delivered six M501G gas turbines, two 282MW steam turbines, and 490tph heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).

TPC engaged Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) to refurbish the DaTan power plant, in November 2018. MHPS will install low nitrogen oxide (NOx) combustor and digital solutions service system MHPS-TOMONI and refurbish the existing M501F gas turbines. The refurbishment is scheduled for completion in August 2019.

MHPS will replace the existing combustors with the new FMk8 model, which is ideal for minimizing NOx emissions by approximately 60%. It will also focus on upgrading the turbine blades for increased generation capacity and higher efficiency.

Gibsin also participated in the development of units 1-6 at DaTan.

Details of DaTan (Tatan) Units 8 and 9

Taiwan Power Company is constructing the two new units as a full turn-key project, which includes the installation of four GE 7HA gas turbines, four HRSGs, and two steam turbines.

The 7HA gas turbine has a proven combined-cycle gross efficiency 63.08% and takes just ten minutes to ramp up from the start to full load.

The 7HA high-efficiency, air-cooled gas turbine come in two models 7HA.01 and 7HA.02, which have an output of 290MW and 384MW, respectively. The turbine features a simplified dual-fuel system, which consumes less water, eliminates recirculation, and is more reliable due to its enhanced liquid purge system.

The turbine is equipped with  an advanced compressor featuring a 14-stage design with 3D aerodynamic foils with super finish and three stages of variable stator vanes.

The proven DLN 2.6+ combustor installed in the turbine provides improved turndown and offers fuel flexibility.

Contractors involved in DaTan combined-cycle power plant expansion

The consortium of Marubeni Corporation and GE Group (comprising General Electric USA and General Electric International) was awarded the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract for the construction of the two new units at the DaTan combined-cycle power plant.

GE will supply primary equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and heat recovery steam generators as part of the ¥130bn ($1.17bn) EPC contract. Marubeni is responsible for the balance-of-plant equipment, civil engineering & construction, and installation works.