The Batangtoru hydropower project is being built on the 170km-long Batangtoru River in Indonesia. Image courtesy of PT North Sumatra Hydro Energy.
PT North Sumatera Hydro Energy (NSHE) is developing the 510MW power plant. Image courtesy of PT North Sumatra Hydro Energy.
NSHE started pre-construction works of the project in December 2015. Image courtesy of PT North Sumatra Hydro Energy.

Batangtoru hydropower project is a 510MW hydroelectric plant being built in the South Tapanuli regency of Indonesia. It is being developed as part of the Indonesian government’s National Strategic project, which aims at adding 35GW of capacity before 2019.

Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), the state-owned power company, is expected to procure 5GW of the total capacity generated, while IPPs are proposed to be engaged to fund the remaining.

North Sumatera Hydro Energy (NSHE), a special consortium company, was formed for the project development. Dharma Hydro Nusantara holds 52.82% stake in NSHE, while Pembangkitan Jawa Bali Investasi and Fareast Green Energy hold 25% and 22.18%, respectively.

NSHE is developing the independent power producer (IPP) project with an estimated investment of 20 trillion rupiahs ($1.6bn).

The Batangtoru project is expected to generate approximately 2,124GWh of electricity a year, over its operational life of 30 years. The energy generated by the project is equivalent to approximately 15% of the peak load of North Sumatra.

Pre-construction works of the project were commenced in December 2015, while the main construction began at the end of 2017. First power from the project is expected to be produced by 2022.

The Batangtoru project is expected to minimize carbon emissions by 1.6Mt and generate 1,800 direct and indirect jobs in the region.

Batangtoru hydropower project background

PT North Sumatera Hydro Energy was established for the development of the Batangtoru hydropower plant in 2008.

Environmental and social impact assessment of the project was completed in February 2017, while  seismic survey was completed in March 2017.

Location details

Covering an area of 626ha, the Batangtoru dam is being built on the 170km-long Batangtoru River. The site will be located approximately 240km south-east of Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Batangtoru power plant make-up

The Batangtoru hydropower project is being developed in five stages. It will comprise a 78.5m-high concrete gravity dam featuring a gated spillway and three water intake units, which direct the water to the headrace tunnel.

Major components of the project include check dam, coffer dam, two 420m-long diversion tunnels, three-gated spillways, 12.05km-long headrace tunnel, a headrace surge tank, and 1,472m-long penstocks.

A semi-underground powerhouse will be constructed featuring turbines, control/service room, and auxiliary equipment on the eastern side of Batangtoru River.

The powerhouse will feature four vertical Francis-type turbines, with a rated output of 131MW each, along with a three-phased generator.

Power transmission from Batangtoru hydropower project

The electricity generated at the Batangtoru powerhouse will be supplied to a 275kV onsite switchyard, which will cover a total area of 3,000m².

The power will then be evacuated to the power grid of West Angkola district through a 14.7km -ong transmission line, before connecting to the Padang Sidempuan to Sarulla transmission line operated by PLN.

Power purchase agreements

NSHE entered a purchase power agreement (PPA) with PLN for the off-take of power generated from the hydropower plant, in December 2015.

Contractors involved

CV Global Intersistem participated in preparing the environmental impact study of the Batangtoru hydropower plant, while Sinohydro was engaged for conducting hydrological study.