Volt Resources has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Volt Graphite has received the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Certificate from the National Environment Management Council of Tanzania (NEMC) for the Bunyu Graphite Project.


Image: Bunyu 1 view looking North to North Pit location on the rising ground in the foreground. Photo courtesy of Volt Resources Limited.

Importantly, the EIA certificate signed by the Honourable Minister of State in Vice President’s Office for Union Affairs and Environment Hon. January Makamba, represents the final pre-requisite for the granting of Volt’s Mining Licence (ML) and one of the final remaining major milestones in terms of Government permitting for the Bunyu Graphite Project.

The Bunyu Mining Licence Applications (MLA’s) were submitted to the Minister for Minerals in February 2018 (see ASX release dated 8 February 2018). Recently the Tanzanian Minerals Commission issued revised formats for the Integrity Pledge and Local Content Plan to be submitted with the Company’s MLA’s.

These have been completed and lodged with the Commission. Once the EIA certificate is lodged with the Commission the Company expects the two ML’s to be granted soon thereafter.

The Bunyu MLA’s and EIA certificate, along with the previously advised approval of the resettlement compensation under the Resettlement Action Plan, covers the area required for the Stage 1 development and Stage 2 Expansion Project.

Volt’s Environmental and Social Impact Study submission was prepared in accordance with the requirements of relevant Tanzanian legislation, including the Environmental Management Act 2004; the Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Regulations 2005 as well as the Mineral Sector Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines 2014.

The requirements and procedures required to obtain mineral rights are stipulated in the Mining Act 2010 with 2017 amendments and the associated Mining Regulations 2018.

Volt’s Chairman, Asimwe Kabunga, commented: “This is a significant milestone in the development of our Bunyu Project, as it transitions the Company a step closer to receiving the all-important Bunyu Mining Licences.

“Volt would like to take this opportunity to thank the local communities and government parties within the Lindi and Mtwara regions, along with the National Environmental Management Council, our Tanzanian specialist consultants Tansheq Limited and their sub-consultants, and our staff for their support, commitment, tenacity and diligence throughout this important process.”

“Looking ahead we remain firmly focused on advancing the Bunyu Project towards Stage 1 production, and we look forward to providing our shareholders with further updates on funding and development progress in the near-term.”

Source: Company Press Release