The selected five projects are expected to produce 42 billion gallons of water, which is adequate to support more than 521,000 people per annum


Image: Reverse osmosis membranes are used in the water treatment process in water reclamation and reuse projects. Photo: Courtesy of The US Bureau of Reclamation.

The US Bureau of Reclamation has announced a $16.98m (£14m) funding for five communities in California, Hawaii and Texas for the construction of congressionally authorised Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse Projects.

Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman said: “The Title XVI program is successful in helping communities to look beyond the traditional surface or groundwater sources. This program allows communities to diversify their water supply—exploring water reuse, recycling and other techniques while improving efficiency and flexibility during water shortages.”

The Bureau of Reclamation would grant funding only to the authorised Title XVI projects

Bureau of Reclamation said that the funding is awarded only to the sponsors of the 53 congressionally authorised Title XVI projects, which have not reached their statutory federal funding ceiling.

Title XVI is part of Reclamation’s WaterSMART Programme that is focused on improving water conservation and benefit water-resource managers to make better decisions about water use.

In addition, the selected five projects are expected to produce 42 billion gallons of water, which is adequate to support more than 521,000 people per annum.

The selected five projects include Padre Dam Municipal Water District, City of San Diego, Rancho California Water District, Hawaii Reclamation Projects, and El Paso Water Reclamation and Reuse Project.

The Padre Dam Municipal Water District, which provides water, wastewater, recycled water and recreation services to 100,000 residents in the San Diego suburbs, has been granted $778,002.75 (£637192) funding for the Phase I Water Recycling Project.

The San Diego Area Water Reclamation Programme is part of the Pure Water Programme, a phased, multi-year programme is aimed at providing a new source of potable water and reduce the amount of wastewater released into the ocean. A $10,361,379 (£8486073) funding is expected be used to complete the final design of the project.

The Rancho California Water District provides is implementing Demineralisation and Non-Potable Conversion Programme. The $1,727,960 (£1415216) funding is planned to be used for the design, materials, and construction activities to convert 54 irrigation sites.

The County of Hawaii is expected to evaluate upgrading the Kealakehe Wastewater Treatment Plan to implement water recycling for landscape and recreation applications with $614,468.68 (£503256) funding.

The El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board, located in El Paso Texas, will construct an advanced water purification facility to treat wastewater for potable reuse using $3,500,000 (£2866535) funding from the Reclamation.