ZBB Energy has received US patent #8,008,808 for its ZBB EnerSection Power and Energy Control Center.

The ZBB EnerSection is a patented hybrid power conversion system that can support the integration of nearly any combination of onsite generating sources.

The patented energy management platform is configurable, modular, and scalable for on grid, off grid and grid back-up applications, the company said.

Each system combines advanced power and energy controls plus energy storage that supports renewable energy sources and other power inputs.

ZBB president and CEO Eric Apfelbach said the issuance of the patent enhances the company’s proprietary market position for the application of this technology.

"The ZBB EnerSection can be used with a variety of storage technologies, because the optimal solution for a given application may be a hybridized set of storage solutions," Apfelbach said.

ZBB, headquartered in Wisconsin, US, is a developer of intelligent, renewable energy power platforms.