Visible Gold Mines is pleased to announce that its geological team and drill crews have been mobilized to its Project 167 to complete the third phase of its winter diamond drill exploration program having for objective testing strong electromagnetic (EM) anomalies identified on the South block of the Project 167, located approximately eight kilometers off the 167 provincial road.

This third phase of the winter drilling campaign will consist of up to six holes totalling a minimum of 900 metres of drilling. None of the prospective targets have been historically drilled. Chibougamau Diamond Drilling Ltd. of Chibougamau , Québec has been engaged to conduct the current drilling campaign.

Visible Gold Mines has implemented and adheres to a strict Quality Assurance/Quality Control for the current exploration program.

It includes one mineralized gold standard, one duplicate and one blank for each batch of samples. Analyses are performed by ALS Chemex, Val-d’Or , Québec, or Techni-Lab, Ste-Germaine-Boulé, Québec, both accredited laboratories.

In 2011, when the Québec Government launched its ambitious Plan Nord project to develop Québec’s north, including the construction of a 243 kilometre-long all-season road that links Stornoway’s Renard Diamond project to the provincial highway network, Visible Gold Mines’ management decided to acquire the available mining rights along each side of the new road in order to have access to new outcrops and strippings generated by the road construction.

Visible Gold Mines acquired claims by acquisition and staking and so the Project 167 was born. Out of the 140 kilometres of new road available for mining exploration (the first 102 kilometres are a planned provincial park), Visible Gold Mines owns more than 110 kilometres.

The 167 provincial road was completed in October 2014 at a construction cost of approximately $350 million. The Project 167 is 100% owned by Visible Gold Mines, with the exception of 80 mining claims comprising the North Block, in which Visible Gold Mines currently has a 90% interest. The Project 167 covers approximately 61,178 hectares or 611 km2.

Visible Gold Mines is a dynamic corporation aggressively searching for the next important gold deposit in the province of Québec, an area consistently ranked as one of the world’s best jurisdictions for mining and exploration.