Greece-based Tropical has introduced two portable fuel cell power generators, TB-1000 and TB-5000, which provide high power efficiency and reliability.

The TB-1000 and TB-5000 fuel cell power generators provides 1,000W and 5,000W electric power respectively at 12/24/48V DC and at 110/230V AC.

The two portable fuel cell generators are powered with stacks provided by Ballard Power Systems, the FCgen 1020ACS (air cooled systems) and the FCgen 1300 (water cooled systems).

Ballard Power Systems, which also provide increased runtime operation, are light-weighted, small-sized, noiseless, zero-emission and require minimal maintenance.

The company’s fuel cell systems can be used as back-up power systems for telecom systems, seismographs and meteo stations, as power chargers for caravans, motor yachts and boats, in military applications, demonstration projects, renewable energy hybrid systems.

The fuel cell generators are also used for educational purposes at universities, research centers and schools.