Australia-based oil and gas company Titan Energy has filed an application with the Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) for drilling activities related to permits DR11 and EP-455 in the onshore North Perth Basin in Western Australia.

In the application to DMP, Titan has sought an extension for 18 months to the current license terms for DR11 and has provided update related to the drilling of the Warradarge-1 well in DR11.

The well was drilled to a total depth of 1,560m and wireline logs were run, but no hydrocarbon indications were noted.

The company has plugged and abandoned the well.

Titan is now planning to drill the well deeper to test for known regional shale formations, along with conventional oil and gas targets.

The company holds 18.5% interest in North Perth Basin permit EP455, whose operator AWE has filed an application with the DMP for a 12 month suspension and extension of certain conditions covering the permit.

ARC Energy, a fully-owned subsidiary of AWE, has requested for a 12 month suspension of the conditions of Permit Years 5 and 6, and a 12 month extension for the permit terms to drill and evaluate the outstanding commitment well for the permit.

The subsidiary, ARC Energy, noted that due to landowner negotiations the proposed drilling of the Drover-1 well in EP455 has been delayed and the implementation into drill planning of the significant findings associated with the Woodada Deep-1 and Arrowsmith-2 wells in the North Perth Basin.

Titan Energy expects that the Drover-1 well will be drilled by AWE by 21 June 2014.