Scottish and Southern Energy has agreed to become a partner and invest over GBP12 million in the new Energy Technologies Institute, which aims to support research into green energy technologies.

The Energy Technologies Institute’s has been set up to accelerate the development of secure, reliable and cost-effective low-carbon energy technologies towards commercial deployment.

The UK government has committed to provide 50% of the core funding of the institute, with the balance being received from private sector investment. Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has pledged to provide the Institute with up to GBP2.5 million a year for five years.

I believe that the new Institute will help to transform the UK’s energy technology research and will help to speed up the development and deployment of cost-effective and low carbon energy technologies, stated SSE chief executive Ian Marchant.

In this area, the interests of the UK and SSE clearly coincide: we need to identify new means of producing energy which will help to secure reliable and lower carbon supplies of energy, he continued. The launch of the Institute therefore marks a very positive step forward.