The Suwannee River Water Management District Governing Board (SRWMD) has voted to provide the City of Lawtey $300,000 to help with the design and construction of a waste water collection and transmission system.

The sewer system will connect to a regional waste water treatment plant owned by the Florida Department of Corrections. Currently, the city utilizes septic tanks.

Phase I of the project, which is meant to improve water quality of the region, is nearing completion. Residents on the east side of the city are scheduled to be hooked up in June. Phase II will bring on line residents on the west side, and commercial users.

Jimmie Scott, mayor of City of Lawtey, said: ”We appreciate the district’s assistance in helping fund sewer hook ups for our residents.”

Jon Dinges, director of water supply and resource management of SRWMD, said: ”The District supports Lawtey’s efforts in constructing the sewer system because it will provide a higher level of treatment of waste water.”