SolarWindow Technologies announced that performance tests for its transparent electricity-generating coatings for glass and flexible plastics produced favorable results in glass-to-glass lamination processes.

The test results are especially promising for expanding the application of SolarWindow coatings beyond standard window glass to include high-performance laminated glass – a fast growing segment of the commercial and architectural glass market.

SolarWindow Technologies President and CEO John A. Conklin said: "The buildings of tomorrow are incorporating more high-performance glass into building windows and interior glass surfaces.

"These latest test results show that SolarWindow coatings are both chemically and structurally compatible not only with today’s skyscraper windows, but also for tomorrow’s next generation glass applications."

High-performance laminated glass products provide features such as security, safety, low emissivity (low-e), excellent weather stability, and hurricane resistance.

These glass products highlight strength and durability while providing customers with a broader spectrum of design features such as colors, patterns, and other architectural customization.

Scientists and engineers conducted testing to determine the compatibility of SolarWindow electricity-generating coatings with the demands of high-performance laminated glass processing by fabricating laminated SolarWindow modules.

Laminated SolarWindow module performance tests demonstrated the following:

The proprietary interconnection system that carries electricity from the SolarWindow coated glass to external wiring was not damaged
SolarWindow color and clarity was maintained, which is important to customer adoption and sales
SolarWindow module edge seal remains intact, which is vital to high performance, durability, and product lifecycle

SolarWindow is developing transparent electricity-generating coatings for windows in an effort to deliver affordable, clean, renewable energy to help meet the world’s growing energy demand.