Streetlight Intelligence (SLQ), a street light management systems developer, has secured a contract from the City of Castlegar, British Columbia to provide its Lumen IQ Adaptive Street Light Management System to reduce the city’s energy consumption.

The contract requires SLQ to supply approximately 910 Lumen IQ lamp controllers for retrofit into substantially all of the city’s existing high-pressure sodium street light fixtures to advance the city’s strategy for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction.

SLQ has secured this contract following the completion of a pilot project conducted in collaboration with Castlegar and its electrical utility, FortisBC that validated Lumen IQ system’s ability to reduce the city’s energy usage and carbon footprint with no impact on the public.

The company plans to begin the installation of SLQ’s Lumen IQ adaptive lighting controls, which will have a 6- to 7-year payback on investment through reduced street light energy and operating costs, in October 2010 with project completion expected before winter.

FortisBC executive vice president of customer and corporate services Michael Mulcahy said that the City of Castlegar is committed to reducing its energy consumption by adopting innovative and energy-efficient technologies.

“Through FortisBC’s PowerSense program, we are committed to helping our customers conserve energy and get the most out of their energy dollar,” Mulcahy said.