Twelve potential sites for mini and micro-hydro development have been identified in the Mountain Province in western Philippines.

The potential sites for mini hydro include Mamallat in Lias, Barlig; Ogo-og in Kadaclan, Barlig; Basa in Tamoboan, Besao; Balitian in Bontoc; Saliok in Natonin and Masla in Tadian.

The other six sites suitable for micro-hydro are located near Akugko in Lias, Barlig; Mog-ao in Kadaclan, Barlig; Magaud in Tamboan, Besao; Tawe in Banawel; Natonin; Sumadel in Tadian and Losad in Sabangan.

If all 12 sites are developed, 9,570,000kWh of energy can be generated annually. As run-of-river systems, the proposed mini and micro-hydro sites do not require the construction of dams.