RusHydro and Power Machines have overhauled another unit 13 at the Cheboksarskaya Hydropower plant (HPP) with an upgraded adjustable-blade impeller and a new hydrogenerator stator manufactured by Power Machines.

The overhaul allowed adjusting the angle of the hydroturbine blades depending on the water flow and water pressure, which improves the hydropower unit performance. 10 of 18 HPP turbines operate in the adjustable-blade mode at the moment. Besides, the hydroturbines at Cheboksarskaya HPP are of environment-friendly design with oilless impeller liners. This rules out ingress of oil into water.

Hydropower Unit 13 is the third machine at the plant where not only the impller has been modernized, but also a new generator stator has been installed. Another two stators were replaced in 2014-2015 at Hydropower Units 2 and 10. It is planned to perform similar works at the rest of the HPP hydropower units.

The modernization of the Cheboksarskaya HPP goes on: Impeller 5 is being assembled at the HPP installation site, and functional testing of another impeller of Hydroturbine 17 will be conducted by the manufacturer. A new stator of Hydrogenerator 5 has been assembled, and the work to assembly the stator of Hydropower Unit 17 is underway.