Australia-based independent petroleum company ROC Oil announced that the drilling of West Acis-2 well has begun in the Balai Cluster Risk Service Contract (RSC), Malaysia.

The Balai Cluster RSC includes four fields, Balai, Bentara, West Acis and Spaoh.

West Acis-2 located in the West Acis field, offshore East Malaysia, is the fourth well being drilled in the pre-development phase drilling program in the Balai Cluster.

It will be drilled to a planned target total depth of about 2,440m subsea.

The pre-development drilling phase was started in early 2012 and is expected to be completed during 2013.

Upon the completion of the pre-development phase and agreement on the economic feasibility of the fields, BCP will file a field development plan to further develop the fields.

ROC has incorporated a company called BC Petroleum, along with its partners Dialog Group and Petronas, to operate and manage the Balai Cluster RSC.

ROC owns 48% in BCP, while its partners Dialog and Petronas, each hold 32% and 20%, respectively.