Italy has published a revised National Allocation Plan (NAP) limiting carbon emissions under phase I of the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS).

The move follows the EU’s provisional approval in May of the Italian NAP and will see the fossil-fuelled generators bearing a significant burden being required to cut emissions faster than other energy intensive industries.

Under the revised plan, Italy will reduce emissions to an average of 222.2 million tonnes per year in 2005-2007, down 24.3 million tonnes from previously targeted 246.5 million.

In 2005, the target is set at 221.79 million tonnes, in 2006 the emissions are expected to rise to 224.87 million tonnes and then to fall to 219.81 million tonnes in 2007.

National thermal generation is collectively allowed to emit 131.08 million tonnes in 2005, rising to 133.81 million tonnes in 2006 and falling to 128.41 million tonnes in 2007. This compares with a 138.19 million tonnes annual average foreseen under the previous plan.

Final approval is expected before the year’s end.