Renewable Energy Systems Americas (RES Americas) announced completion and commencement of commercial operations of its Hackberry Wind Project, a $350 million wind farm in Shackelford county, Texas. RES Americas is the developer, construction contractor, operator of the project, and owner, along with GE Energy Financial Services a unit of GE. The site consists of 72 Siemens wind turbines that produce 166 MW of clean wind energy, enough electricity to power 39,000 average Texas homes.

Austin Energy will purchase the power produced by Hackberry, moving the City of Austin closer to its goal of securing 30% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

The energy will be used by residents of the City of Austin and surrounding communities. Construction began in January 2008 and was completed less than a year later, on-time and under budget, in December 2008.

“This project increases the U.S. production of renewable energy, and GE is pleased to be a participant, along with RES Americas,” said Kevin Walsh, managing director and leader of renewable energy at GE Energy Financial Services. “Continued support from local and federal governments is necessary to sustain the wind industry and facilitate more of these projects.”

“RES Americas is excited to contribute to the sustainable energy future of Texas. Hackberry will provide years of clean power to Austin and surrounding communities,” said Craig Mataczynski, president of RES Americas. “Wind and other renewable energy sources are a vital component to a secure energy future, and RES Americas intends to play a large role. Through hard work and committed partners like GE Energy Financial Services, Austin Energy and the community of Shackelford county, Hackberry will be providing renewable energy for Texas as long as the wind blows.”