UK trade body RenewableUK has backed the launch of the government's Offshore Wind Industrial Strategy that would bolster the country’s position in offshore wind energy across the world.

Commenting on the Industrial Strategy, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said that as an island nation, the UK has the potential to make the most of offshore wind energy.

"This strategy will help keep Britain as the world leader in one of the most important industries of the 21st Century. If we make the most of offshore wind’s potential in the UK, it can provide a big proportion of the energy that lights our homes and powers our economy," added Clegg.

RenewableUK noted that the Strategy describes offshore wind as ‘a core and cost-effective part of the nation’s long-term electricity mix’.

This Industrial Strategy is geared up to bring billions of pounds in wind energy investments, to create several long-term jobs, with major manufacturing facilities established in the UK, and a healthy supply chain.

RenewableUK Chief Executive Maria McCaffery said, "This strategy clearly identifies the extraordinary opportunity that offshore wind offers to the UK.

"This document is a blueprint for green-collar job creation which, as long as its recommendations are fully implemented, will ensure that Britain reaps the once-in-a-lifetime benefits offered by our world-leading offshore wind sector".

The Lincs Offshore Wind Farm has been unveiled in the country, by which the installed capacity of wind energy has now reached around 10GW, which is enough to power around 5.5 million homes.