QLogic Corp. (QLogic) has introduced QLogic Transparent Router (TR) functionality to StorageWorks 8/20q 8Gb Fibre Channel family of switch products of Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. (HP). This addition of new functionality expands the connectivity of Fibre Channel fabrics and allows them to be easily merged with seamless interoperability and a high level of security. The new functionality enables any active HP StorageWorks 8/20q Fibre Channel switch port to be configured as a TR port.

This allows HP server and storage resources to be shared between StorageWorks 8/20q based SANs and HP B-series fabrics through the industry-standard NPIV protocol, and it eliminates the support and management challenges of E-Port switch interoperability. The 8/20q TR also provides a higher level of security than traditional merged fabrics by ensuring only customer-specified devices are shared between fabrics. The QLogic TR feature, coupled with the recent release of the 8-port model of the 8/20q Fibre Channel Switch, increases the breadth of cost-effective options for the small to medium business.

Customers have another choice and a more affordable means to expand their storage networks in an easy, secure manner, said Jesse Parker, vice president and general manager, QLogic Network Solutions Group. Businesses can start with an 8-port 8/20q Fibre Channel Switch and add TR ports seamlessly for more storage capacity and redundancy, without any risks to their existing SAN infrastructure, or the need for routers.

Customers can maximize the return on storage network investments by using affordable solutions that simplify the connection between servers and storage, said Kyle Fitze, director of marketing, Storage Platforms Division, HP. The combination of the HP 8/20q Fibre Channel Switch and QLogic TR functionality allows customers to control costs and improve productivity by easily managing switches while also having room to scale out their SAN infrastructures.

QLogic 8Gb Switches — Transforming Network Connectivity into Competitive Advantage

QLogic SANbox technology delivers new 8Gb Fibre Channel performance with built-in simplicity for new mid-market or enterprise SAN deployments. The HP StorageWorks 8/20q Fibre Channel Switch is based on this technology and is part of the HP StorageWorks 8Gb Simple SAN Connection Kit.