Origin Energy Resources and partners have commenced production from the Yolla-5 development well, a part of the BassGas project offshore Victoria, Australia.

The BassGas project involves development of the Yolla field located in production license T/RL1 of the Bass Strait.

The field is being developed by Yolla offshore well head platform located in Bass Strait, approximately 140km offshore from Kilcunda, Victoria. The platform connects to the gas processing facility at Lang Lang, Victoria, through pipeline.

The well performance is being monitored by Origin in order to achieve optimal co-mingling with production from the existing Yolla-4 well and the Yolla-6 well.

Upon addition of the Yolla-5 and Yolla-6 wells, the company increased the production rate to approximately 64 TJ/day from the BassGas facilities.

AWE managing director Bruce Clement said: "The addition of the Yolla-5 and Yolla-6 development wells will now provide increased stable longer term production capability, and a greater level of well redundancy.

"The joint venture is now turning its attention to the tie-in and commissioning of the gas compression and condensate pumping modules on the Yolla platform, work that is expected to take approximately 18 months to complete."

The field is estimated to have potential reserves of 28 million barrels of condensate and LPG liquids, sufficient to meet gas demands in Victoria for the next 15 years.

The project was developed by a joint venture between Origin Energy with 42.5% stake, and AWE Petroleum with 35% interest. Other joint venture partners include Toyota Tsusho Gas E&P Trefoil and Prize Petroleum International each holding 11.25% interest.