Poland has suspended gas transports via the transnational Yamal – Europe pipeline from Russia, citing poor quality of the gas.

The suspension has been reported to be temporary as it could be lifted once the quality of the gas is restored to normal levels. Russia has blamed the low quality of the gas on a short-time technical glitch.

Gaz-System says that it will not accept any gas intake from the Yamal pipeline till 23 June. According to the Polish state-owned natural gas transmission system operator, its decision will not affect on the commodity security or balance of the domestic gas distribution system in the country.

Gaz-System stated that the gas from Russia failed to meet the quality parameters defined in the Transmission Network Code.

A statement issued in this regard by Gaz-System read: “Ensuring correct quality parameters of gas is a responsibility of the supplier introducing the gas to the domestic transmission system.

“Gas off-take suspension at the IP does not affect the balance and safety of operation of the transmission system managed by Gaz-System.”

The gas pipeline operator added that it had notified customers who transmit gas through the interconnection point (IP) which also includes the ones using the virtual reversal in Mallnow about the reduction in transmission capacity.

Gazprom Export said that it is taking up steps to solve the gas quality problem.

The Gazprom’s export arm was quoted by TASS as saying: “Specialists of the involved Gazprom Group companies take all the necessary measures to promptly solve this issue and to deliver gas of appropriate quality.

“Specialists of our company have taken all the measures to guarantee that this situation would not impact Gazprom Export’s ability to meet the nominations of our European clients and the security of supply of Europe.”

The Yamal – Europe gas pipeline having a length of more than 2,000kms extends across Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany.

Image: Map of the Yamal-Europe natural gas transportation pipeline. Photo courtesy of Samuel Bailey/Wikipedia.