Pearson Fuels, an alternative fuel station will open Ethanol (E85) alternative fuel station in Beaumont, California on May 21.The opening is set at Oak Valley Chevron, 866 Oak Valley Parkway in Beaumont. The location is the first E85 station in the San Jacinto Valley and only the second open to the public in Riverside County.

The E85 is compatible with over 25,000 flex fuel vehicles in Riverside County and with over 50,000 flex fuel vehicles in the Los Angeles basin. Oak Valley Chevron, is part of Pearson Fuels’ statewide roll out of new E85 stations throughout California, starting with its original station in San Diego.

The E85 facilities were partially funded by the California Air Resources Board.

Mike Lewis, co-owner of Pearson Fuels, said: ”It is exciting for us to see the progress and interest in alternative fuel infrastructure over the last few years because we have all been recently reminded of the harm that petroleum exploration can pose to the environment and our nation’s dependence on foreign oil is the greatest challenge our children will face.

”Alternative fuels are always coming next year, then the year after that, but this is a real station with real alternative fuel, open to the public 24 hours a day that will displace petroleum with every gallon pumped.”