Oita Solar Power, a fully-owned subsidiary of Marubeni, has completed and started commercial operation of a solar power plant in Oita City, Japan.


Located in coastal industrial area No.6 in Oita City, the 82MW solar power plant has commenced commercial operation in March 2014. Construction of the power plant was commenced in March 2013 and commercial operation was advanced by 50 days.

The power plant has been developed for the purpose of power generation and sales to Kyushu Electric Power for a period of 20 years. It is claimed as the largest power plant with a total capacity of 82.02MW in Japan among individual company projects at a single location.

The Oita solar power plant is expected to generate 87 million kWh of capacity annually, corresponding to the annual power consumption of 30,000 ordinary houses, together with a reduction of 35,000t of carbon dioxide.

Marubeni, in the wake of the Oita project, embarked on other mega-solar power plant projects including 49MW bordering Mie/Aichi prefectures and 28.3MW in Miyagi prefecture.

Image: Aerial photo of Oita solar power plant in Japan. Photo: Courtesy of Marubeni Corporation