NovoFuel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AlumiFuel Power (AFPW), announced that it is undertaking a detailed analysis in response to the enormous and rapidly expanding energy requirements of cannabis growers in the US and Canada.

The analysis is aimed at determining an optimized renewable energy systems solution for cannabis cultivation in areas where medical marijuana is legalized. The analysis is being done in conjunction with Genport of Italy, NovoFuel’s renewable energy partner.

The two companies believe they have all requisite technologies in-house to field a system responsive to the needs of cannabis growers, while solving resultant power problems of local utilities.

At the present time, marijuana growing for medicinal purposes is legalized in 20 US states, and there is pending legislation to follow suit in 13 other states. Two states, Washington and Colorado, have also legalized it for recreational purposes, and 13 other states are considering similar legislation. Marijuana growing is legalized throughout Canada.

This has become a major growth industry, with billions of dollars expected to be expended over the next several years. Growers range from mom-and-pop operations to large greenhouse facilities.

This rapid growth and energy intensive profile have triggered a serious problem regarding the use of local grid power to assure successful cultivation — involving special lights, heat, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, driers and other ancillary equipment for indoor locations, and massive irrigation for outdoor operations.

In response to this unusual set of circumstances, NovoFuel and Genport are conducting a funded analysis to determine the optimal configuration of renewable energy technologies and products to handle the power requirements of marijuana cultivation. The analysis will use sophisticated microgrid modeling tools to assess on and off-grid applications encompassing hydrogen fuel cells, large banks of lithium-ion batteries, solar and mini-wind power sources — all integrated on a real-time basis by world-class energy management and control systems.

Based on the study output, NovoFuel / Genport plan to develop a prototype "plug-and-play" system using NovoFuel / Genport products for installation and testing at a pre-determined location in the U.S. NovoFuel has established contacts in the marijuana growing industry and related electrical energy contractors in implementing this pilot program — which has the potential to become the industry standard. NovoFuel / Genport expect to field a cost-effective solution with prices that are competitive with traditional fossil-fuel based power systems.