Norway intends to join the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which has been formed to promote the use of renewable energy on a global scale, particularly in developing countries. IRENA will promote the use of the bio energy, geothermal energy, hydropower, ocean and wave energy, including tidal energy and ocean thermal energy and solar and wind energy.

IRENA is the only international organisation that is solely dedicated to the promotion of renewable energy. IRENA is open to all United Nations member states.

“The Government intends to play its part in promoting the use of renewable energy, which is absolutely essential if we are to succeed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The establishment of IRENA is a positive signal in the run-up to the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen later this year. Norway’sambition is that IRENA should be an effective organisation, with clear targets,for promoting the use of renewable energy,” Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas GahrStoere, said.

The Ministries of the Environment, Petroleum and Energy and Foreign Affairs will cooperate on Norwegian participation in IRENA. The State Secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Robin Martin Kaass, will sign the founding treaty on behalf of Norway in Bonn on January 26, 2009.