An extensive and integrated model of the company’s Novoportovskoye oil and gas condensate field, combining three key datasets — a dataset on the geology and development of the field, a dataset on production (including downhole equipment and construction), and a dataset on ground infrastructure — has been created at the Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre.

Numerical calculations through this new model will form the basis for a range of optimum solutions for the further development of the Novy Port project.

Using the model, it will be possible, at any stage, to determine how changing a metric or parameter might affect the system as a whole, since all components of the integrated model are brought together into a single structure and calculated on a single platform. On which basis, it is possible to predict production volumes more accurately and make the most informed decisions possible, taking into account the potential infrastructural risks associated with the development of deposits below the gas cap. A pilot project, confirming the feasibility of creating full-scale integrated models, was completed at the Novoportovskoye field in 2016. The first calculations using the integrated model will be made in August 2017.

The necessity of creating an integrated model of the Novoportovskoye field is dictated, predominantly, by the presence of large deposits of oil below the gas cap, development of which is one of the key areas of Gazprom Neft’s Technology Strategy, requiring the close integration of technologies for the development of both oil and gas reservoirs. If the main technological solutions involved in oil production relate to optimum well location, well design and application, then the key technologies in gas production are, first and foremost, focused on the creation of safe and effective ground infrastructure. Using an integrated model will also help evaluate risks, and find ways to optimise well-stock in the event of gas breaking through, in order to maintain ongoing production levels.

Mars Khasanov, Director of Gazprom Neft’s Technology Directorate and Head of the Science and Technology Centre, commented: “Today’s oil and gas industry demands new and effective approaches, allowing optimum solutions to be found at each stage of project development. Integrated oil engineering is the key to choosing such solutions. It links field geology and ground infrastructure into a single integrated system, allowing the use of data analysis tools, artificial intelligence and machine learning. All new major projects of Gazprom Neft are launched on the basis of the logic of integrated oil engineering.”