Liberty Energy has said that it is in the process of re-entering three wells and drilling out one well as part of its well re-entry program on its Lockhart Lease, Caldwell County, Texas.

The four wells in question are located on three tracts of land known as the Alexander A, housing 1 re-entry well called the #2, the Alexander B, housing 2 shut-in wells called the #1 & #3 and the Anton, housing 1 shut in well called the Anton #1.

The company has successfully rigged up on the Alexander A well also known as the Alexander A # 2 well situated on the Lockhart Lease, Texas.

As per the plugging report, the well had two cement plugs and a cast iron bridge plug that needed to be drilled out.

The report said that the cast iron bridge plug was set at 1600′, the first plug was set from 1600′-1368′ and the second set from 210′- surface.

It also stated that the perforations were at 1676′-1685′ and that the casing was set to 1832′.

The company has confirmed that it has now drilled through the second plug from the surface down to about 300′ and have proceeded further in the expectation of reaching the top of the first plug expected to be around 1368′.