LangFang Gao Shan, a developer of smart grid power systems, has chosen Semitech Semiconductor power line solution for deployment on the China Southern Power Grid.

Semitech’s GS18 power line communications uses modulation and signal processing technology which can be adjusted to speed and is frequency agile to deliver communications.

The GS18 can adapt to noisy environments and employs a multi access scheme to provide communication with multiple nodes.

LangFang Gao Shan provides medium voltage smart grid measurement monitoring and control systems to support smart grid control processes including data management to IT structure integration.

The systems include control distribution terminal carrier, high voltage three-phase intelligent power meters and measurement monitoring.

The system measures voltage on grid and communicates the measurements to the utility using the Semitech GS18 PLC chip.

The system can also be used for remote meter reading, load control, pricing and user-side management.

The Semitech’s GS18 power line communications can transmit power regulation and correct errors.

Singapore-based Semitech Semiconductor is a provider of semiconductor devices.