Swiss energy company Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern (KLL) has posted 34.5% increase in energy production to 542 million kWh in the fiscal 2011/12, compared to 403 million kWh a year earlier.

The company said higher annual production meant that the price of the energy sold has dropped from 13.73 cents/kWh to 12.88 cents/kWh, despite the increase in the annual costs.

KLL, a partnership between the canton of Glarus and Axpo, reported a profit of CHF5.264m ($5.66m) in the reporting period, slightly down from CHF6.316m ($6.79m) a year ago.

Annual profit could be used to pay a dividend of CHF5m ($5.37m) and for the allocation to the legal reserves, KLL noted in a release.

Axpo supplies energy to many European markets through its own subsidiaries. The company is active in multiple sectors, including energy trading, natural gas business, and power plant projects.