China-based power producer Huaneng Power International has reported that its total power generation based on a consolidated basis amounted to 124.521 billion kWh for the first three quarters up to September 30, 2007, an increase of 11.24% over the same period last year.

The power generation of the Xindian, Luohuang, Huaiyin, Taicang, Shanghai Combined Cycle and Nanjing power plants increased significantly, compared to the same period last year.

The increase in power generation was attributable to, among other reasons, the company reinforcing its strategy research. The company has adopted effective sales and marketing strategies, thereby capturing more market shares.

The stable operation of the newly operated generating units at Yuhuan power plant (phase I), Luohuang power plant (phase III) and Huaiyin power plant (phase III) also contributed to the growth of the company’s power generation.

The steady increase of power demand in the regions where the company’s power plants are located provided favorable market conditions for more power generation by the company’s power plants.