French gas company Gaz de France has reorganized its financial department in order to reinforce the supervision of the group and enhance the efficiency of its financial services.

The new corporate finance department is organized around five entities: the corporate finance and cash management department, which also assumes responsibility for taxation, market risks, and insurance; the controlling department, which brings together the functions previously entrusted to the accounts department and the group management control department; the internal financial control department; the investor relations department; and the investments and acquisitions department, which now forms part of the corporate finance department.

In view of this reorganization, the group has made a number of appointments, including confirming Marc Haestier in his position as director of corporate finance and cash management, appointing Jean-Christophe Kypriotis as director of internal financial control, and recruiting Benoit Mignard as director of investments and acquisitions.

In addition, Brigitte Roeser-Herlin has been confirmed in her position as director of investor relations, Jacques Samuel has been appointed director of the controlling department and Olivier Feist has been appointed director of accounts, reporting to the director of the controlling department.