Geo-energy company 2OC has announced a joint feasibility study with the UK’s National Grid Co to evaluate if a new clean energy source could add up to 2GW of carbon free electricity to the UK by the middle of the next decade.

The technology is based on utilising high pressures found naturally in gas fields to generate power. The first UK installation will be installed at BOC’s site in North Tees. 20C will install two geo-pressure units into the pipeline which supplies the natural gas feedstock for the production of hydrogen. The project, which has also received a £60,000 ($103,000) grant from The BOC Foundation, is expected on stream by April 2007.

Based on current plans, 2OC expects the first 100 MW of electricity to be available by 2009, with 1GW being potentially on stream as soon as 2013.

The second GW is expected to come from applying the same technology to harnessing the energy in the waste heat produced by large manufacturing plants. The company is backed by Lord Oxburgh, former Shell chairman, who has been confirmed as chairman designate.