Entropic Communications, Inc. (Entropic) has delivered over twenty million of its DBS ODU chipsets. Entropic's DBS ODU solutions will simplify the delivery of satellite services by enabling multi-tuner support over a single cable. Entropic's DBS ODU Solutions consist of its Band Translation Switch (BTS) and Channel Stacking Switch (CSS) technologies, which are focused on delivering multiple satellite signals to multiple tuners over a single cable.

The deployment of BTS and CSS technologies dramatically will reduce both the cost and complexity of single family and multi-resident home satellite installations. Unlike traditional satellite installations, which require a unique cable for each tuner from the satellite dish to the set-top box, Entropic’s DBS ODU chipsets will allow multiple video streams from individual or multiple satellites into the home over a single cable. This simplified cabling architecture enables the deployment of set-top boxes, with multiple tuner capabilities, in multiple rooms without expensive installation or retrofitting. Additionally, Entropic’s DBS ODU technology allows plug and play for set-top box upgrades and permits installers to reuse existing cabling to quickly set up a DBS system.

As a company, we are focused on creating solutions for connected home entertainment, said Patrick Henry, chief executive officer of Entropic. Our DBS ODU technology is an important part of our portfolio and opens new markets by cost-effectively enabling the delivery of satellite television into residential homes and multi-dwelling units. This milestone reflects the strong market support for these innovative solutions.