Energate Inc. (Energate) has introduced a new suite, consumer connected demand response (CCDR). The suite is built with advanced in-home consumer options and supports multiple communication technologies from the home to utility load management software, and throughout, provides a way consistent with the utility’s vision of the smart grid.

CCDR provides immediate value to utilities who want to have advantage from a demand response (DR) program. The DR program engages their customers and deploys technology which will integrate seamlessly with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and the smart grid as it is built.

CCDR is a comprehensive solution, built with a variety of options for utilities and their customers, including:

Consumer and control options: ZigBee Smart Energy profile certified smart thermostats, load control switches, energy display, and web portal

Communication options: broadband connectivity, FM digital radio, and the broadest support for AMI interoperability in the industry

Utility application options: leading-edge load management systems including one-way direct load control or two-way DR

Both innovative and open technology, designed to meet the long term needs of utilities

Through Energate’s technology and the best-of-breed software and products of its partners, consumers gain a better understanding of how their behavior affects their energy consumption, and gives them more control over how energy use impacts their lives, today and tomorrow. Energate’s strength in AMI interoperability and in-home devices gives the utility peace of mind that short term DR benefits are supportive of long term smart grid strategies.

“Energate is thrilled to announce our market-ready CCDR solution set, as it is an ideal offering to let utilities deploy Demand Response today, while building their smart grid infrastructure for tomorrow,” said Niraj Bhargava, CEO of Energate. “Starting from the needs in the home, Energate’s solution engages utility customers, the homeowners, while providing load management and energy-efficiency benefits to the utility.”

For the utility, Energate’s CCDR leverages best-in-class solutions in the home, and at the utility, providing a full feature set of control capabilities for load management and customer interaction.