Dutch energy company Eneco and natural gas wholesaler GasTerra have signed a co-operation agreement for feeding green gas into the natural gas network.

Eneco said that it will supply green gas, which it produces using its own facilities or purchases from third parties, to its customers. GasTerra will prioritize the inclusion of this green gas in its supply contracts with Eneco.

Green gas is sustainably generated biogas which is upgraded to natural gas quality and as such can be fed into the gas network, said the company.

Eneco already obtains green gas from a sewage water treatment installation in the City of Beverwijk in The Netherlands, and supplies that gas to its customers in that area, a process which is enabled by GasTerra.

Eneco and GasTerra have agreed that under the co-operation agreement, many million cubic meters of green gas will be produced and distributed on an annual basis.

Earlier in September 2008, the Ministry of Defence in the city of Den Helder said that it would start using environment and society friendly biogas in October. This made the ministry Eneco’s first customer that would use the new biogas product on a large scale. The Ministry of Defence also said that it would enter into a supply contract which integrates with its Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Eneco is an energy company in The Netherlands. It works in the field of generation, transmission, trading, and supply electricity, gas and heat and related products and services (metering, management, installation and invoicing).