Spanish utility Endesa has announced plans to build a new wind farm in Avila in an effort to increase its installed capacity in the region of Castilla y Leon.

The company said the new farm will have an installed capacity of 21.5 megawatts and an estimated output of 57GWh a year. This will bring its capacity in Castilla y Leon up to a 267 megawatts, which will account for 16% of the total capacity installed in that region.

It will require an investment of 20 million euros and is scheduled to come on stream at the end of this year.

Endesa said it has implemented a series of preventative, corrective and compensatory measures in order to adopt the project to its natural and cultural surroundings. For example, archaeological investigations were carried out to protect the soil and local wildlife and vegetation.

The new wind power complex is part of the firm’s plan to bring 2,400 megawatts of additional capacity from renewable energies over a period of five years, incremental to the 1,465 megawatts already installed.

It is the fourth farm to be built by Endesa in Avila, in addition to the Navazuelo, Altos de Cartagena and Navas del Marques wind farms.