Elemental Minerals has intersected high grade potash in a 3rd seam at its Kola Deposit of Sintoukola Project on the Republic of Congo coastline.

The company has also discovered high-grade (sylvinite) mineralization in a seam earlier found to have only lower grade (carnallite) mineralization located nearly 45m below the Lower Seam, in assay results from the Phase 2 drilling program at the prospect.

Intersections from EK_32 include 4.65m at 18.01% K2O with 28.53% KCl from 289.87m in the newly identified Footwall Seam (FWS); and from EK_33 include 3.82 m at 22.51% K2O with 35.64% KCl from 272.06m in upper seam and 5.64m at 10.89% K2O with 17.25% KCl from 278.91m in lower seam.

Intersections from EK_35 include 5.27m at 17.85% K2O with 28.27% KCl from 264.03 in the newly identified Footwall Seam (FWS) and; from EK_36 include 4.65 m at 19.16% K2O with 30.35% KCl from 281.10m in Upper Seam.

Elemental Minerals has now received all assays data required for inclusion for the preparation of the updated Kola Deposit Mineral Resource estimate and the Phase 2 Exploration Target of between 320 million tones and 1.08 billion tones of potash mineralization grading between 19% K2O and 21% K2O.

Elemental CEO Iain Macpherson said, "While we realise that we will have to complete more drilling and test work on this seam and it will not be included in our pre-feasibility study due for release later this year, the identification of a new seam shows the growth potential of our deposit."

A total of 36 boreholes were drilled for a total depth of 6,427m, of which 32 were successful with only 3 without a significant potash interception which include EK_02, EK_16, EK_25.

Further, complete assay results have been received for all 3 boreholes, out of the 29 boreholes that reached their target depth and contain significant potash mineralization.

EK_24 samples are undergoing geotechnical test-work and EK_22 and EK_36 Lower Seam sample submission is pending.

Downhole geophysical data, geological logs and assay data found that sylvinite mineralisation in boreholes EK_11, EK_18, EK_32 and EK_35 is hosted by a seam at a stratigraphic position 45m lower than that of the Lower Seam, which will be a target for potential resource expansion.

Within the principal target horizons, upper and lower seams, the sylvinite mineralisation, remains open in both the southern and northern sectors of the Kola deposit.