e-Green Management, LLC (e-Green) has opened a new recycling and reclamation center in Long Island, New York. Gene Boniberger, vice president of operations for Rudin Management, with Fred J. Dufek, president/chief executive officer and managing director of the company, shaped a program in which commercial building tenants are offered the opportunity to recycle their e-waste easily and efficiently and have made a commitment to a zero-waste-to-landfill policy.

Bob Gilmore, director of business development for the Vecoplan, LLC, said e-Green’s … people are among the most environmentally conscientious of any company that we’ve worked with. The shredder installed at e-Green enables them to provide recycling of large volumes of e-scrap in an environmentally friendly manner, while at the same time delivering the ultimate in secure data destruction through the physical shredding of hard drives and other data storage devices.

Dufek announces the partnership of Kevin Ryan as the executive vice president and managing member to the company’s stellar executive board. Ryan has experience in the environmental conservation to promote the company to become one of the enviro-friendly companies in the region.

The new program of e-waste has resulted in steady stream of material deterred from the company’s overflowing, neglected landfills.

e-Green Management, LLC is a US based service recycling company.