Deepdale Solutions Ltd (Deepdale Solutions) has built three wind turbines sufficient for 60% of the needs of the company. The three 13 megawatt (MW) wind turbines cost GBP90,000. Hartlepool Council contributed small amount for the turbines while rest was contributed by the company. Surplus electricity will be sold to the national grid. The turbines, 12 meter high, will enable the company to sell renewable obligation certificates to energy suppliers who have failed to meet their obligations.

Deepdale Solutions, which has the ISO140001 environmental standard, worked closely with energy consultants TNEI and also received some financial assistance from One NorthEast for the expansion.

Deepdale Solutions is a curtain walling company. The company makes glass and aluminium envelope walls for buildings.

Deepdale Solutions Managing Director Derek Muirhead said: “The turbine project makes us the most carbon efficient company that we’re aware of in our sector. We have traveled to Europe and Canada to see what other companies are doing.

“Originally, the business case wasn’t that persuasive, then last year energy prices went up so much the payback time reduced from 15 years to eight and the case for turbines became more solid.

“We did it because good environmental credentials give us an advantage particularly with blue chip and Government clients. Over the last two years, there has been increasing legislative demands on companies in the construction sector where the environment’s concerned. There will be more as time goes on and we want to be two or three steps ahead of the game.

“I wouldn’t say we are completely unaffected by the downturn, we are seeing the fallout with some project cancellations, but the business is financially strong.”