Chinese oil and natural gas producer CNOOC has commenced production at its two new oil fields, BoZhong (BZ) 26-3 and LuDa (LD) 32-2, in the Bohai Bay.

BZ 26-3 is located in the central part of Bohai Bay, neighboring producing field BZ 25-1S, and it has an average water depth of about 25m.

With four wells online currently, BZ 26-3 is expected to hit its peak production of more than 6,600 barrels per day in 2011.

LD 32-2 is located in the eastern Bohai Bay with water depth of about 25m, and is adjacent to producing oil field LD 27-2.

The field has four production wells currently, and its peak production is expected to reach 6,300 barrels of oil per day in 2011.

In order to reduce production cost, a joint development plan was carried out for both LD32-2 and LD27-2 fields.

BZ 26-3 and LD 32-2 are all independent oil fields of CNOOC, and the company holds 100% interest and acts as the operator of these two fields.