US-based Cleveland Public Power (CPP) has selected Efacec ACS to install its turn-key PRISM SCADA system to improve smart grid performance in Ohio.

Using the SCADA system, CPP is expected to increase its electricity reliability and reduce cost.

Cleveland Public Power Engineering assistant commissioner Robert Bonner said, "The selection and installation of the PRISM SCADA system upholds our commitment to deliver reliable and affordable electricity to nearly 80,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers."

Efacec ACS will deploy the server-based SCADA system using a distributed architecture to provide CPP with full redundancy for both primary and backup systems.

The smart grid provider will also supply and install new operator consoles in the utility control center.

As part of the contract, software applications to be delivered with the PRISM SCADA system include advanced Graphical Operator Interface, Enterprise Historian, Automatic Generation Control, Short Term Load Forecasting, and Interchange Transaction Scheduling.